No Sew Cross Stitch Ornaments and Magnets

by Stacey Wells

Ornaments are such fun quick finishes.  Hand made ornaments look great on any tree; make great presents and gift tags.  I even hang some from doorknobs, and lamp switches.  They stitch up so quickly, but sometimes finishing them into ornaments takes longer than stitching them.  This is a quick no sew finish for a nice ornament.

What you’ll need to finish a no sew cross stitch ornament or magnet

v     Stitched piece

v     Tacky fabric glue

v     Felt in complimentary / matching color

v     Ribbon for hanger (or magnet for magnet finish)

v     Scissors

v     Plastic wrap

v     Phone book or heavy novel

Take stitched piece and cut it out about three fabric spaces from stitching.  Using the stitched piece as a template cut your felt slightly larger than the stitched piece.  Cut a piece of ribbon 4” long.  Spread some tacky fabric glue all over the back of the stitching, fold the ribbon in half, and place it in the center of the stitched piece, finally put the stitched piece with the glue, and the ribbon on the back onto the piece of felt.  Sandwich the entire ornament between some plastic wrap (this keeps the glue from sticking to the phone book), and put a phone book on top or large novel, and leave it until it has dried.  I usually leave it over night.  When the glue has completely dried remove it from the plastic wrap, and trim the felt to the same size as the stitched piece.

Now for the magnet follow the directions above, but instead of a hanger of ribbon you glue a piece of magnet strip onto the back of the felt.  This is done when the stitching, and felt has totally dried.  Magnet strip can be bought at most craft stores.

You could even try some fancy corded edging, adding beaded edges or even a ruffle.  Have fun!

Some items of interest for creating your no sew ornaments and on each picture to get more information on the product.
Adhesive Back Magnetic Strip 1/2 X60
Magnetic Strip
White Glitter Felt
Craft Felt
100% Silk Ribbon 7mm 3 Yds Forest
Fiskars Softouch Razor Edged Scissor 8
Fiskars Soft Touch Scissors

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